All digital files that are available, including the schematic, board files, code, and gerbers are located on my GitHub.


Part Quantity Description
Gameboy Game Cartridge 1 Must have a MBC1 chip
AT49F040 1 4 megabit (512kB) flash chip
PLCC-44 Socket 1 Allows removal of flash chip
PLCC Puller 1 Eases removal of flash chip
10nF Capacitor 1 Decouples the power
47kΩ Resistor 1 Pulls line high
TL866 programmer with PLCC-32 Socket to DIP-32 Adapter

I recommend a TL866 programmer to read and write data on the AT49F040 flash chips. You will also need a PLCC-32 Socket to DIP-32 Adapter. Both of these components are readily available on Amazon, eBay, or other online retailers.

The 32kB-variant is a variant of the original PCB that, by default, supports 32kB ROM images without using an MBC chip. There are five solder jumpers that are shorted to bypass the MBC chip. If the five jumpers are cut, this variant is fully backwards compatible with the original PCB. All components are placed in the same location as the original PCB so the same solder paste stencil can be used. The board was completely re-routed and a power and ground pour were added which should improve the performance of this board.

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