All digital files that are available, including the schematic, board files, code, and gerbers are located on my GitHub.


Part Quantity Description
Gameboy Game Cartridge 1 Must have a MBC1 chip
AT49F040 1 4 megabit (512kB) flash chip
PLCC-44 Socket 1 Allows removal of flash chip
PLCC Puller 1 Eases removal of flash chip
10nF Capacitor 1 Decouples the power
47kΩ Resistor 1 Pulls line high
TL866 programmer with PLCC-32 Socket to DIP-32 Adapter

I recommend a TL866 programmer to read and write data on the AT49F040 flash chips. You will also need a PLCC-32 Socket to DIP-32 Adapter. Both of these components are readily available on Amazon, eBay, or other online retailers.

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